Sweet whey powder is made spray dried method from sweet whey from production of cheese dating ripening.

Characteristic of Raw material and proces flow: raw material to production of Sweet Whey Powder is sweet whey with pH>6,0 from production of cheese dating ripening.

Course of process flow at: production, packing and consistent is with obligatory regulations in skimmed milk powder law as of right.

Packing and labeling: Kraft paper bags with 4 layers, polyethylene lined interior which it subject sticking together influenced by warmth and paper is swing. It does not commit application wires neither metal ties. Unitary weight 25kg. Big-Bags of one-time applications with opening for unloading at the bottom. Weight according with demand of client.

Nutritious value in 100g SWP:
– Energy value: 1367 kJ/346 kcal
– Carbohydrates including sugars 72,0g
– Protein 11,0g Fat 1,5g of which satutated fatty acids 0,5g

Period of usefulness for consuming: Whey powder for consuming in conditions stored described in point 5 is 18 months from date of production.

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